The former Accessible University Initiative Task Force (AUITF) was reorganized in April 2012 into the Accessible University Advisory Committee (AUAC) to recognize the ongoing nature of its work beyond what is contemplated for a task force. Specifically, the committee was reorganized to enhance the work and better align AUAC as reporting directly as an advisory committee to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, the office with ADA responsibilities. Committee roles, charges, membership and operating procedures were clarified as well. AUAC will continue to secondarily report to the VP for Finance and Administration, because of that office’s responsibility for the physical environment and university financial resources.


AUAC advises and assists the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA) regarding its leadership role in promoting and achieving an accessible university physical environment. The AUAC Charge defines the committees work in more depth, and identifies membership and how the group functions.

Action Items

AUITF and now AUAC tracks how it works towards assisting and advising on each charge item through the AUAC Action website and corresponding documentation.

Best Practices

Through the work of Facilities Services staff and the AUITF/AUAC, Oregon State University has adopted "Best Practices" for the design and construction of facilities. These best practices have been incorporated into the Facilities Services Construction Standards that every project is required to follow. The Best Practices supplement current building technical specifications such as the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, in OSU's aspiration to become a universally accessible university.

Information for Facilities Services and Design Professionals

AUAC has approved, and Facilities Services has adopted, the following processes that must be followed during the Design Process:

  • The Criteria for Consultation is a document that defines for OSU staff and external design professionals when and how to decide if a certain facility project must consult with AUAC.
  • An Accessible Design Workshop must be completed for all new construction and major renovation projects. The Workshops should address the issues identified in the previous link.
  • The AUAC Design Review Form (Word) first page must be completed and submitted to the AUAC chair before the Schematic Design review by the committee. Post review, the chair will email the completed form back to the OSU Project Manager. At the completion of the project, the Project Manager must submit the fully completed form to the AUAC chair for final review.
  • Third-Party Reviews must happen throughout the project, during certain phases as defined in the Best Practices. This consultant will help ensure projects are the most accessible possible, and issues are addressed early and often during design and construction completion.