The present advisory committee, Accessible University Initiative Task Force (AUITF), will be renamed the Accessible University Advisory Committee (AUAC). The change in name reflects the ongoing nature of the committee’s role beyond that of a task force.

Purpose and Responsibility

In order to align the advisory role of the AUAC and the ADA compliance responsibility of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA), the AUAC will be an advisory committee reporting to the Executive Director of EOA and advising EOA in their leadership role promoting and achieving an accessible university physical environment. AUAC will continue to report secondarily to the Vice President for Finance and Administration because of that office’s responsibility for the physical environment and university financial resources.


AUAC advises and assists the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA) regarding its leadership role in promoting and achieving an accessible university physical environment. Specifically, AUAC will advise and assist EOA regarding its efforts to:

  1. Design and direct an assessment of the accessibility of the campus built environment.
  2. Utilize assessment data to develop a comprehensive plan for improvement of the campus built environment, including priorities for implementation.
  3. Review and prioritize accessibility improvement projects identified through the assessment process and with stakeholder input and monitor implementation.
  4. Establish processes for ongoing monitoring of campus accessibility and identification of additional necessary improvements.
  5. Develop and maintain best practices for developing an accessible campus supplement to the ADA requirements for the built environment.
  6. Communicate and engage with the university community regarding the committee’s work.

AUAC Membership

AUAC membership will have the following representation as approved by EOA and when applicable with preference for persons with disabilities or experience with built environment accessibility:

  • EOA or its designee will chair and staff AUAC committee meetings.
  • Up to 3 Representatives from the Able Student Alliance or other student accessibility advocacy group – Selected by the ASA or other student group – 1 year appointment and eligible for re-appointment.
  • 1 or more representatives from community advocacy groups – Approved by EOA – 1 year appointment and eligible for re-appointment.
  • 1 Representative from ASOSU, preferably the ASOSU Accessibility Affairs Task Force Director or a designee with vested interest in accessibility issues – Selected by ASOSU – 1 year appointment and eligible for re-appointment.
  • 1 Director of Disability Access Services (DAS) or designee.
  • 1 Director of Facilities Services (FS) or designee.
  • According to availability and/or the issues being addressed additional representation from Facilities Services and the following auxiliary units: University Housing and Dining Services, Memorial Union, Recreational Sports and Athletics.
  • Up to 3 Faculty/Staff at large – Selected by EOA in consultation with the Faculty Senate - 1 year appointment and eligible for re-appointment.
  • Up to 3 Students at large – Selected by EOA – 1 year appointment and eligible for re-appointment.

Committee Functioning

As a committee advisory to EOA, the intent is that AUAC members work collegially and respectfully in a spirit of collaboration to create a committee environment in which members feel safe to voice their views without fear of personal attack or retaliation. The committee’s advice and recommendations will be by consensus when possible. Consensus means everyone either agrees or consents to the advice, recommendation or other input. If consensus is not achieved, the chair will record the range of views of the committee.

EOA and the committee chair will strive to obtain the range of perspectives on the committee while recognizing that circumstances may require EOA to move forward with a decision in a timely fashion.

The chair of the committee is responsible for facilitating the committee process and maintaining decorum so the committee functions effectively.

Recording of Committee Recommendations and Input

The AUAC chair will have responsibility to accurately record the recommendations and input of the committee members and provide the committee with meeting minutes or other documents reflecting committee recommendations or input.