The Commission on the Status of Individuals with Disabilities annually honors an individual who advocates for the inclusion, accommodation, and respect of persons with disabilities with an award. For the past ten years this award has been given to recognize individuals who foster and promote persons with disabilities to enjoy full participation in all aspects of the campus community.

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Previous Recipients

Year Award Recipient
2014 Robert Stone
2013 Kathryn Magura
2012 Alicia Dixon-Ibarra
2011 Dan Larson
2010 Joanne Sorte
2009 David Bradford
2008 Cindy Jenkins
2007 Joonkoo "J.K." Yun
2006 Kevin Collins
2005 Joseph R. Zaworski
2004 Tracy Bentley-Townlin
2003 Jeff McCubbin
2002 Linda Miller
2001 Angelo Gomez
2000 Larry Kennedy
1999 Jo D. Frederic
1998 Warren Suzuki
1997 James R. Coakley
1996 Katharine Hunter-Zaworski
1995 William E Daley
1994 Judy Brazee